Timeless design deserves timeless quality, and timely implementation. Beautifully made custom cabinets, countertops and backsplashes, flooring and lighting will be perfectly installed with thoughtful attention to detail. Let Carman Made assure the integrity of your exquisite new kitchen throughout the renovation process so you enjoy it for years to come.


Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

Gorgeous, built-in cabinetry and sophisticated finish carpentry can redefine a space. Getting the details right, aesthetically and technically, makes all the difference. At Carman Made, our hands-on experience and deep appreciation for both traditional and modern casework, guarantee nothing is overlooked or dumbed down. Design intent is respected, so the results beautifully convey your particular style.


Full Scale Renovations

Whole house renovations require a well-planned buildout. Communication and efficient scheduling are key. Carman Made has the experience and thoughtfully considered approach to handle your unique project effectively, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Design intent is respected, so the results beautifully convey your particular style and elevate your everyday experience.


Commercial Millwork

Restaurants and retail spaces are high traffic environments, each with their own unique challenges. At Carman Made, we understand the critical balance between quality, timing and budget inherent in every commercial project. Choose a partner that appreciates your investment and drives creative solutions to the creative ideas that define the customer experience of your brand.